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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: AUTH_PASSWORD (string), AUTH_USERNAME (string), EXTERNAL_IDENTITY (string)

New in Messaging Server 7.0 update 1. In legacy configuration, these SMTP/LMTP client options provide the credentials for SASL (SMTP AUTH) use by the SMTP/LMTP client; in Unified Configuration, these options are not used, having been replaced instead by the authpassword, authusername, and externalidentity channel options.

SASL authentication will be attempted if either the maysaslclient or mustsaslclient channel option is set, with success required for message transmission if mustsaslclient is set.

The PLAIN and EXTERNAL SASL mechanisms are currently supported. The AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD TCP/IP-channel-specific options provide the credentials for the plain mechanism and the EXTERNAL_IDENTITY TCP/IP-channel-specific option provides the identity string for SASL EXTERNAL. (EXTERNAL_IDENTITY can be set to the empty string to enable SASL EXTERNAL without an identity string.)

See the Base certmap options for general configuration of certificate mapping, as needed for EXTERNAL authentication via client certificates.

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