Ssldblegacy Option

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Introduced in release: 7 Update 3 patch 17

Updated in release: 8.0

When set, the ssldblegacy base option requires SSL/TLS server certificates, CAs and CRLs to be stored in the legacy cert8.db and key3.db formats supported by our SSL/TLS library. When this is not set, both the legacy cert8.db/key3.db and the modern cert9.db/key4.db formats are supported. The legacy format requires servers to be shut down when updating the database for any reason. The modern format allows updates to be performed while the servers are running. The default was changed from 1 to 0 in the 7.0.5 release. Starting with the 8.0 release, this setting is ignored, the modern format is preferred and the legacy format will be migrated to the modern format on upgrade.

Additional base options impacting the certificate and key file location and names are ssldbpath and ssldbprefix.

The default value is: 0

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