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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: ALLOW_REJECTIONS_BEFORE_DEFERRAL (integer)

This SMTP server option sets a limit on the number of bad (failing) RCPT TO: or VRFY: addresses that will be allowed during a single session. (Note that unlike ALLOW_RECIPIENTS_PER_TRANSACTION and REJECT_RECIPIENTS_PER_TRANSACTION where the RCPT TO: and VRFY: counts are separate, this is a combined count; failing RCPT TO:'s and VRFY:'s are added together.) That is, after the specified number of To: addresses have been rejected at the RCPT TO: or at VRFY:, all subsequent recipients, good or bad, will be rejected at their RCPT TO: presentations with a temporary error

451 4.5.3 Too many rejections; try again later 

or at VRFY: presentations with a temporary error

451 4.5.3 Verification blocked; too many rejections

The default is (essentially) no limit. See also the deferralrejectlimit channel option.

Compare this option with the REJECT_RECIPIENTS_PER_TRANSACTION TCP/IP-channel-specific option, which will cause all recipients to be rejected at the DATA command with a temporary error

451 4.5.3 Transaction blocked; too many recipients specified 

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