AUTH_DEACCESS mapping table

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New in MS The AUTH_DEACCESS mapping forms a pair with the AUTH_ACCESS mapping table. It is only called when the AUTH_ACCESS mapping has been called and has set a deaccess parameter string.

The call occurs immediately after the final connection associated with the AUTH_DEACCESS mapping has been closed. Note that this may occur right after the message associated with the AUTH_ACCESS call has been processed or it may occur many messages later as a result of connection reuse. And since AUTH_ACCESS is called for every message, there may have been multiple intervening calls to the AUTH_ACCESS mapping, including a final one associated with setting up a new connection.

This mapping is intended to be used to release resources allocated by the AUTH_ACCESS mapping, typically through the use of a mapping callout. More specifically, AUTH_ACCESS can now be used to allocate some connection-related resource, which can then be used by one or more connections used to deliver the current message and possibly subsequent messages. The AUTH_DEACCESSS mapping is called when the last connection associated with this activity is finally closed.

The probe for the AUTH_DEACCESS mapping is of the form:


Note that the deaccess-parameter-string may consist of multiple |-separated sections.

At present the result of the AUTH_DEACCESS is ignored.

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