Accepttemporaryfailures, defertemporaryfailures Channel Options

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Envelope recipient error handling (accepttemporaryfailures, defertemporaryfailures)

(New in MS The accepttemporaryfailures and defertemporaryfailures source channel options control how recipient address temporary errors such as user over quota, spam filter temporarily unavailable, LDAP server unavailable, and so on are handled by the SMTP server. defertemporaryfailures is the default, and causes such errors to return an immediate 4yz error in the SMTP session. Setting accepttemporaryfailures causes the address to be accepted, but the message will be placed in the reprocess queue and retried until it either times out and is returned or the error clears.

These channel options are only intended for use on SMTP channels. Placing them on an internal channel may have unexpected results.

Compare with the acceptalladdresses and acceptvalidaddresses channel options.

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