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Access mapping table MTA options: access_counts (bitmask)

(New in MS 6.3.) The access_counts MTA option provides a way to get at various types of recipient count information in the various recipient-based *_ACCESS mappings. access_counts is bit-encoded in the same way as access_orcpt is, and if set, enables the addition of a set of counts after the (optional) access_orcpt field and before the (optional) include_conversiontag field in the access mapping probe string. Currently the format of the count addition is:


Note the trailing slash. It is expected that additional counter information will be added to this field in the future; all mappings making use of this information should be coded to ignore anything following the (current) last slash or they may break without warning. The total-recipient-count is the count of valid recipients resulting from previous RCPT TO commands (not including the RCPT TO command corresponding to this probe).

New in is expansion-count, a count of the number of actual recipient addresses produced by the current RCPT TO command, including the current one.

access_counts MTA option bit values
Bit Value Usage
0 1 If set, include recipient counts in each [ORIG_]SEND_ACCESS and [ORIG_]MAIL_ACCESS mapping table probe
1 2 If set, include recipient counts in each ORIG_SEND_ACCESS probe
2 4 If set, include recipient counts in each SEND_ACCESS probe
3 8 If set, include recipient counts in each ORIG_MAIL_ACCESS probe
4 16 If set, include recipient counts in each MAIL_ACCESS probe

Bit 0 is the least significant bit.

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