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Introduced in release: 8.0.1

Updated in release: 8.0.2

The actionattributes option (available for imap, pop, and messagetrace) specifies the action attributes enabled in Message Store transaction logging. This can take the value of "all" to enable logging of all actions, or "+(e1 e2 e3)" to enable only event codes listed, or "-(e1 e2 e3)" to enable all events except those listed. See the Store Transaction Log Format section for permitted event codes.

For 8.0.1 this is "all" by default and for 8.0.2 this is "-(mi)" (log all attributes except the message id attribute) by default. Note that the message id is expensive to extract from message headers and requires per-message logging of expunge events.

The default value is: -(mi)

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