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The activate Message Trace option, messagetrace.activate (or in legacy configuration the configutil parameter, enables message tracing. Permitted values are no, yes, msgtrace, and transactlog. Specifying msgtrace causes message tracing to be written in traditional format, to a file named msgtrace. Specifying transactlog causes message trace entries to be written in an easy-to-parse XML format, similar to the MTA's XML format message transaction entries, to a file named transactlog. As of MS 8.0.1, the Message Store msgtrace log format (selected via msgtrace) is deprecated in favor of the Message Store action log format (selected via transactlog) which uses an easy-to-parse format (XML) described in the Store Transaction Log Format section.

Note that the default values for the actions and actionattributes have changed in 8.0.2; they both need to be set to "all" explicitly to get functionality that is a superset of the old msgtrace or yes settings.

In a future release, the legacy msgtrace format will be removed and will be interpreted as a request to use the transactlog format.

The default value is: no

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