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It is possible to define additional ims-ms_* channels, if special needs would make additional such channels useful. Each such channel should have a name of the form ims-ms_distinguishing-string, and its own unique official channel host name. Note that due to the intimate connection between rewriting, alias expansion, and delivery options for ims-ms channels, getting additional ims-ms_* channels used by the MTA typically requires modification to other configuration choices also. For instance, one approach would be as follows.

In this example a new channel ims-ms_shortterm will have a shorter retention policy for holding onto messages that could not be delivered, while a new channel ims-ms_vip will have a faster delivery retry rate, and will run in its own Job Controller processing pool so as not to compete with the "regular" ims-ms channel and the ims-ms_shortterm channel.

First define additional ims-ms_* channels such as:

ims-ms_shortterm defragment subdirs 20 notices 1 7 14 \
 backoff "pt5m" "pt10m" "pt30m" "pt1h" "pt2h" "pt4h" \
 maxjobs 2 pool IMS_POOL fileinto $U+$S@$D 
ims-ms_vip defragment subdirs 20 notices 1 7 14 21 28 \
 backoff "pt5m" "pt5m" "pt10m" "pt10m" "pt30m" "pt1h" "pt2h" \
 maxjobs 2 pool IMS_VIP_POOL fileinto $U+$S@$D 

Next tell the MTA about two new delivery option values, mailboxshort and vipmailbox, defining them in the MTA option delivery_options:


(In the above setting, note the use of a leading space before each continued line of the option value to avoid causing interpretation of characters such as # as a comment character. Note also that the site-specific definitions for mailboxshort and vipmailbox are added after the usual first two definitions for mailbox and members respectively, as these first two value clauses in the delivery_options definition have special meaning as far as being defaults.)

Finally, set appropriate users' LDAP entries with a value for the mailDeliveryOption attribute (or more precisely whatever attribute is named by the ldap_delivery_option MTA option) of mailboxshort or vipmailbox as desired.

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