Addlineaddrs, noaddlineaddrs Channel Options

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One or more of the options discussed on this page are restricted. Restricted options are not intended for general use and if set may cause severe operational problems. If you believe you need to set a restricted option you should first check with Oracle support.

Filling in missing header addresses (addlineaddrs, noaddlineaddrs)

Situations can arise where messages are submitted to the MTA without proper originator and recipient address information in the message header. In such cases there may be additional information available in a nonstandard form, either in the header or elsewhere, that can be used to reconstruct the missing header information. When the addlineaddrs option is placed on a source channel it instructs submission agents to use whatever additional information is available to reconstruct the missing information. noaddlineaddrs is the default and prevents this from happening.

Currrently the only submission agent that supports addlineaddrs is the VMS MAIL interface in PMDF. This option has no effect on any Messaging Server channel.

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