Addresssrs, noaddresssrs, destinationsrs, nodestinationsrs, sourcesrs, nosourcesrs Channel Options

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Controlling Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) rewriting (addresssrs, noaddresssrs, destinationsrs, nodestinationsrs, sourcesrs, nosourcesrs)

(New in MS 6.3p1.) Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) rewriting is used by sites providing autoforwarding services to encapsulate MAIL FROM addresses so as to avoid running afoul of Sender Permitted From (SPF) checks. In order for an address to undergo SRS rewriting, SRS support must be configured and the following three conditions must be met: (1) The current source channel must be marked with the sourcesrs option, (2) The current destination channel must be marked with the destinationsrs option, and (3) Rewriting the MAIL FROM address must have matched a channel marked with the addresssrs option. noaddresssrs, nodestinationsrs and nosourcesrs are the default for all channels.

See also the headerdecodesrs and noheaderdecodesrs channel options.

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