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Disclaimer/text addition alias options: alias_prefix_text (string), alias_suffix_text (string)

The alias_prefix_text and alias_suffix_text alias options cause insertion of, respectively, prefix or suffix text into messages as they undergo list expansion. Prior to Messaging Server 7.3-11.01, text could only be inserted into initial, TEXT/PLAIN parts; new in Messaging Server 7.3-11.01, text can be inserted into the first text part within a nested multipart (excluding multipart/alternative). The value (the text) is specified in UTF-8; this is then converted to match the charset of the part into which the text is being inserted.

In legacy configuration, the analogous alias file named parameters are [PREFIX_TEXT] and [SUFFIX_TEXT].

For aliases/lists defined in LDAP, see the ldap_prefix_text and ldap_suffix_text MTA options.

Or see the Sieve addprefix and addsuffix extensions.

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