Alias_*originator_reply alias options

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Alias options: alias_originator_reply, alias_nooriginator_reply

The alias_originator_reply alias option is used to control whether or not the originator's address is added to any generated Reply-to: header. The value item should be the full file path specification for a world readable file, or a resolvable URL, containing the list of addresses that should never be added. (This is usually the mailing list itself.) The MTA will match the envelope From address against the addresses in the list; if no match occurs, the originator's address will be added to any generated Reply-to: header.

alias_nooriginator_reply specifies that any generated Reply-to: header should contain only explicitly specified addresses. A value is required, but ignored.

If neither alias_originator_reply nor alias_nooriginator_reply is explicitly set, the MTA's default behavior is effectively equivalent to alias_nooriginator_reply.

In legacy configuration, the analogous alias file named parameters are NOORIGINATOR_REPLY and ORIGINATOR_REPLY.

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