Alias_blocklimit and alias_linelimit alias options

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Alias options: alias_blocklimit and alias_linelimit

The alias_blocklimit and alias_linelimit alias options may be used to limit the size of messages that may be posted to the address (whether user or group or list). The value must be an integer number of MTA blocks for alias_blocklimit, or an integer number of lines for alias_linelimit. The number of bytes in a block is specified via the block_size MTA option. By default, neither alias_blocklimit nor alias_linelimit is set; being unset (or being set to a value of 0) means that they impose no limit on the size of message that may be posted to the address (though other limits, such as channel or system wide limits, may be in effect). In particular, neither alias_blocklimit and alias_linelimit will override more general limits that may be in effect; they are minimized with any such general limits.

For user, groups, and lists defined in LDAP, see mailMsgMaxBlocks attribute (or more precisely, the attribute named by the ldap_blocklimit MTA option).

The legacy configuration analogues are the [BLOCKLIMIT] and [LINELIMIT] alias file named parameters.

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