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Alias options: alias_conversion_tag

The alias_conversion_tag alias option may be used to set a tag which conversion file entries can match upon. The value item should be the string to use as the tag. For instance, if a list is defined

msconfig> show alias:testlist@domain\.com.*
role.alias:testlist@domain\.com.alias_entry =
role.alias:testlist@domain\.com.alias_entry =
role.alias:testlist@domain\.com.alias_entry =
role.alias:testlist@domain\.com.conversion_tag = listtag
role.alias:testlist@domain\.com.envelope_from =

then conversion entries could include a tag=listtag; clause to match. For instance, if for some mailing list it was desired to convert any text/html parts in posted messages to text/plain, and if a site had an HTML to TEXT converter called htmltotextconvert stored in the IMTA_PROGRAM directory (data-root/site-programs/), and had set up the conversion channel and a CONVERSIONS mapping table to apply to list postings, then a conversion file entry could be

in-chan=*; out-chan=*; in-type=text; in-subtype=html; tag=listtag; 
 out-type=text; out-subtype=plain; parameter-copy-0=*; 
 command="IMTA_PROGRAM:htmltotextconvert $INPUT_FILE $OUTPUT_FILE" 

For users, groups, and lists defined in LDAP, see the mailConversionTag attribute (or more precisely, the attribute named by the ldap_conversion_tag MTA option).

In legacy configuration, the analogue is the [CONVERSION_TAG] alias file named parameter.

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