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Alias options: alias_creation_date

(New in 8.0.) The alias_creation_date alias option may be used to set a creation date for the alias (intended to be used for RRVS purposes). The creation date value must be in RFC 3339 (Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps) format (a profile of ISO 8601 format), along the lines of:



where the hundredths of seconds portion is optional, and T and (if used) Z are not case sensitive. For instance:


This alias option is analogous to use of the LDAP attribute named by the ldap_creation_date MTA option on a user or group or mailing list defined via an LDAP entry, or to use of the LDAP attribute named by the ldap_domain_attr_creation_date MTA option on a domain entry.

The legacy configuration analogue is the [CREATION_DATE] alias file named parameter.

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