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A mailing list address may be defined in the alias file or alias database by:

  • Specifying a list of translation values for an alias, rather than simply a single translation value for the alias;
  • Specifying an envelope From override address -- an [ENVELOPE_FROM] named parameter. (If no such envelope From override address is specified, then technically an alias with multiple translation values corresponds to a mail group -- an auto-forwarder forwarding to multiple recipients -- rather than, strictly speaking, a mail list.)

A mailing list address alias with associated mailing list file file-spec or LDAP URL ldap-url is specified in the alias file with an entry of, respectively, the general form

alias: <file-spec, optional-parameters


alias: <ldap-url, optional-parameters

Similar definitions may also be made in the alias database, (though of course omitting the colon, as just white space separates the alias from its definition in the alias database).

Mailing lists have many options associated with them; for a full discussion of mailing list aliases, see Mailing_lists, or for a discussion of the optional named parameter frequently used on mailing list alias definitions, see Alias file named parameter.

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