Alias_header_addition and alias_header_trim alias options

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Alias options: alias_header_addition and alias_header_trim

The alias_header_trim and alias_header_addition alias options are analogues of the legacy configuration [HEADER_TRIM] and [HEADER_ADDITION] alias file named parameters. The alias_header_trim alias option may be used to add headers to or remove headers from posted messages. The argument must be a full file specification for a header trimming option file; see Header option files for information on the format of these files. alias_header_addition is more specialized than alias_header_trim, being used when there are merely headers to be added. alias_header_addition may be used to specify a file of headers to be added to posted messages. The argument must be a full file specification for the file containing headers to be added.

In particular this facility can be used to add the standard mailing list headers defined in RFC 2369. For instance, a site that has set up a list named listname, that has a list owner address of and a list members administrator address of, and with certain list information and archives available at an FTP site, might use a header addition file along the lines of the following:

List-Help: <; (FTP), 
     <; (List Manager) 
List-Post: <; 
List-Owner: <; 
List-Archive: <;, 

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