Alias_hold_list, alias_nohold_list, alias_hold_mapping, alias_nohold_mapping alias options

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Alias options: alias_hold_list, alias_nohold_list, alias_hold_mapping, alias_nohold_mapping

The alias_hold_list alias option may be used to specify a list of originator addresses whose attempts to post to the list should be sidelined as .HELD messages. The argument may be any supported form of URL that makes sense. The alias_nohold_list alias option may be used to specify the list of originator addresses whose postings should not be so sidelined, while all other postings will be sidelined. The value must be a full file specification for a file of addresses, or an LDAP URL returning a list of addresses. The alias_hold_mapping and alias_nohold_mapping alias options are used analogously, but via mapping tables rather than via lists. The value should be the name of an MTA mapping table.

These alias options are analogues of the alias file/alias database named parameters HOLD_LIST, NOHOLD_LIST, HOLD_MAPPING and NOHOLD_MAPPING.

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