Alias_moderator_* and alias_username_moderator_list alias options

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Alias options: alias_moderator_address, alias_moderator_list, alias_moderator_mapping, alias_username_moderator_list

The alias_moderator_* alias options are used to establish a moderated mailing list. All postings to the list not originating from a moderator are sent to the list's moderator. The address of the moderator must be specified with the alias_moderator_address alias option. The moderator address determines where moderator mail is sent when someone other than the moderator posts. The value of that named parameter is the moderator's address. For example,

msconfig> show alias:test-list@domain\.com
instance.alias:test-list@domain\.com.alias_entry = <IMTA_TABLE:test.dis
instance.alias:test-list@domain\.com.alias_moderator_address =

When there may be multiple moderator addresses (for instance, both and, use alias_moderator_list, alias_username_moderator_list, or alias_moderator_mapping to specify all addresses from which postings should be passed directly to the list and not sent to the list's moderator.

alias_moderator_listspecifies either the name of a file containing a list of moderator addresses, or an LDAP URL returning a list of moderator addresses.

alias_username_moderator_listspecifies as its argument a URL that "makes sense": either the name of a file containing a list of (possibly wildcarded) moderator usernames, or an LDAP URL returning a list of (possibly wildcarded) moderator usernames; note that usernames are generally only useful for messages submitted from the L channel or submitted with SASL authentication via SMTP (SMTP AUTH) since for messages submitted from other sources the username will simply be that of the account under which the submitting MTA process is running. Note that for messages submitted via SMTP with authentication (SMTP AUTH), the username that authenticated will be prefixed with the asterisk, *, character. For instance, to specify that only the user JDOE is the list moderator, whether submitting from the L channel or via SMTP (e.g., from a POP or IMAP client that performs SASL SMTP authentication), the alias_username_moderator_list file would need to contain the entries:


where the first entry would match for messages submitted from the L channel and the second entry would match for messages submitted via SMTP AUTH. Note that as asterisk is normally a wildcard character, matching of only the exact literal asterisk character is specified by using the dollar character to quote the asterisk.

alias_moderator_mappingspecifies the name of a mapping table used to verify whether or not an address is a moderator address.

See also the alias_sasl_moderator_list and alias_sasl_moderator_mapping alias options, which operate similarly but require that an authenticated address be present in the attempted posting.

If an alias_moderator_list, alias_moderator_mapping, alias_sasl_moderator_list, or alias_sasl_moderator_mapping alias option is used, thereby specifying who may post directly to the list, then an alias_moderator_address alias option should also be present to specify the address to which to send postings not from any moderator.

The use of the alias_moderator_address alias option alone, without the alias_moderator_list alias option, is equivalent to using alias_moderator_address and an alias_moderator_list consisting of just the one moderator address.

Legacy configuration has analogous named parameters [MODERATOR_ADDRESS], [MODERATOR_LIST], [MODERATOR_MAPPING], and [USERNAME_MODERATOR_LIST], as well as named parameters [SASL_MODERATOR_LIST] and [SASL_MODERATOR_MAPPING].

For lists defined in LDAP, the configuration of moderation is structured somewhat differently; see the LDAP attributes named by the ldap_reject_action, ldap_moderator_url, and ldap_auth_url MTA options.

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