Alias_private and alias_public alias options

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Alias options: alias_private and alias_public

The alias_private and alias_public alias options are analogues of the [PRIVATE] and [PUBLIC] alias file named parameters. The alias_public alias option specifies that the associated alias is public and hence can appear in any constructed header lines. The value specification is currently ignored and should always be NONE. alias_public is the default. The alias_private alias option specifies that the alias is private and should appear as an empty group construct in message headers. The value specification is used as the name for the group. Neither alias_public nor alias_private have any effect if the alias_header_expansion alias option is also specified.

Note that these parameters are only valid when headers are originally being constructed, as for instance for messages submitted via the L channel. These parameters are not relevant for incoming messages (such as incoming SMTP messages) for which the headers are already present in one form or another.

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