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Deferred expansion alias option: alias_reprocess (string)

The alias_reprocess alias option is used to request deferred expansion of the mailing list, where rather than expanding the mailing list "on line", the message should instead be enqueued to the reprocess channel; the reprocess channel can then perform the mailing list processing in a separate step. The value specification is currently ignored and should always be reprocess.

Use of this alias option defers much of the processing overhead of handling the message to the later step when the reprocess channel runs, rather than doing the processing as the message is initially accepted. This deferred processing can be especially helpful in cases such as incoming SMTP messages addressed to large mailing lists, where "on line" delays could lead to connection time outs.

Use of this parameter as in:

listname:       </pmdf/table/listname.dis, [REPROCESS] reprocess  

thus provides essentially identical functionality as defining a mailing list in two stages through the reprocess channel to obtain deferred expansion (the mailing list addresses aren't even expanded until the reprocess channel runs) such as:

listname:        listname-expand@reprocess 
listname-expand: </pmdf/table/listname.dis 

In legacy configuration, the analogous alias file named parameter is [REPROCESS].

For aliases/lists defined in LDAP, see the ldap_reprocess MTA option.

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