Alias_sasl_* alias options

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SASL-based access alias options: alias_sasl_auth_list (file or URL), alias_sasl_auth_mapping (MTA mapping name), alias_sasl_cant_list (file or URL), alias_sasl_cant_mapping (MTA mapping name), alias_sasl_moderator_list (file or URL), alias_sasl_moderator_mapping (MTA mapping name)

The alias_sasl_* alias options are analogues of the non-SASL similar alias options, but with the additional requirement that an authenticated address be present in the message (whether that be a address literally authenticated via SMTP AUTH, or forced via, e.g., an authrewrite or FROM_ACCESS effect).

In legacy configuration, they have analogues in the alias file named parameters [SASL_AUTH_LIST], [SASL_AUTH_MAPPING], [SASL_CANT_LIST], [SASL_CANT_MAPPING], [SASL_MODERATOR_LIST], [SASL_MODERATOR_MAPPING].

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