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Tag inserted on Subject: header line alias option: alias_tag (string)

The alias_tag alias option may be used to prefix specified text to the Subject: header of posted messages. The value should be the string to be added. The string should not contain the vertical bar, |, character; prior to MS 6.3, the string should not have contained the space character. For instance,

msconfig> set alias:schedule-list@domain\.com.alias_tag "Schedule posting -- "
msconfig# show alias:schedule-list@domain\.com
instance.alias:schedule-list@domain\.com.alias_entry = "<ldap:///o=usergroup?mail?sub?(isMember=schedule-list)"
instance.alias:schedule-list@domain\.com.alias_auth_list = "<ldap:///o=usergroup?mail?sub?(isMember=schedule-list)"
instance.alias:schedule-list@domain\.com.alias_tag = "Schedule posting -- "

will cause any postings to the list schedule-list to have a Subject: header that begins "Schedule posting -- " followed by whatever the original subject of the posting might have been. See the ldap_add_tag MTA option for setting an attribute name to provide analogous functionality for lists defined in LDAP, and in legacy configuration, see instead the alias file named parameter [TAG].

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