Aliasmagic Channel Option

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Sources of alias information (aliasmagic)

Aliasexpansion is performed by consulting various sources of alias information one after another until a match is found. The aliasmagic channel option provides a means to control what sources are consulted and in what order. The argument to aliasmagic is an unsigned decimal value. Each decimal digit value specifies a different source of alias information. Possible values are:

Alias_magic digits
Value Meaning
0 No operation
1 Personal alias database
2 Local name table aliases
3 System alias database
4 System alias file
5 Special aliases
6 alias_url0
7 alias_url1
8 alias_url2
9 alias_url3

The digits of aliasmagic are processed from left to right. Processing stops when a match occurs. The default value for aliasmagic is given by the alias_magic MTA option.

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