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One or more of the options discussed on this page are restricted. Restricted options are not intended for general use and if set may cause severe operational problems. If you believe you need to set a restricted option you should first check with Oracle support.

Introduced in release: 8.0.2

The allowbadmailbox Message Store restricted option will disable certain mailbox validity checks in the message store. A value of 1 will disable Unicode normalization and a value of 2 will disable validity checks of the IMAP international naming convention. Use of this can have unpredictable results, including breaking ISS synchronization, causing backup problems and breaking IMAP clients. It exists primarily for testing purposes and as a contingency in case there are unexpected problems with ICU normalization. This option may be removed in a future release.

This option is ignored if Cassandra store is used or if an IMAP client negotiates UTF8=ACCEPT -- in both cases bad mailbox names are unconditionally forbidden.

Customers using ISS should never set this option on a production system; ISS requires all mailbox names to be RFC 5198 compliant.

The default value is: 0