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Deleted in release: 7.0.5

AMSDK logging level. The SSO library used by Messaging Server has its own logging mechanism separate from Messaging Server. Its messages are logged in a file called http_sso under msg-svr-base/log. By default only messages with info (3) or higher are logged, but it is possible to increase the logging level by setting the logging level to a value from 1 to 5 (1: errors, 2: warnings, 3: info, 4: debug, 5: maxdebug). Be aware that the library doesn't have the same notion of message importances as Messaging Server and that setting the level to debug (4) can result in a lot of meaningless data. Also the http_sso log file is not managed by common Messaging Server logging code and is never cleaned up or rolled over. It is the responsibility of the system administrator to clean it up when setting the log level higher than the default. DELETED: Unused.

The default value is: 3