Ap_debug MTA option

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One or more of the options discussed on this page are restricted. Restricted options are not intended for general use and if set may cause severe operational problems. If you believe you need to set a restricted option you should first check with Oracle support.

Debug MTA options: ap_debug (integer)

RESTRICTED. The ap_debug MTA option enables internal MTA debugging; it is intended for use by Oracle and is not intended to be used by end sites. Specifically, it enables debugging of the AP routines (low level address parsing routines). Higher settings of ap_debug cause more verbose output. The precise debug output can be expected to vary between and during releases.

When enqueuing messages, in order for ap_debug values greater than 0 to take effect, both the master_debug and slave_debug channel options must be set on the source channel except for the L channel where just master_debug or slave_debug is sufficient.

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