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A number of options may be set under the auth group to affect authentication in general.

For debugging of authentication, see also the debugkeys option. For the format for addresses used in authentication, see also the ldap_domain_attr_uid_separator and loginseparator Base options and defaultdomain IMAP, POP, and MMP et al. option.

Caching of authentication results is controlled by the authcachesize and authcachettl Base options.

Regarding client certificate based authentication, see also the Base certmap options.

For configuration of authentication use for SMTP message submission, see TLS and SASL channel options and Password and TLS MTA options and the AUTH_ACCESS mapping table.

For tracking and penalization of "bad guy" failed authentication attempts, see the bg*  options such as bgpenalty, settable at Base, IMAP, POP, and IMAP Proxy and POP Proxy levels. Or for monitoring or penalizing failed SMTP AUTH attempts, see various example uses of the LOG_ACTION mapping table.

See also the allowanonymouslogin option available under imap, pop, and http.

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