Authentication errors

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HULA error status
Name Text Meaning
HULA_FAIL Internal authentication error  
HULA_NOMEM Not enough memory available  
HULA_BUFOVER Internal buffer overflow  
HULA_NOMECH Mechanism not available  
HULA_BADPROT Invalid authentication protocol  
HULA_NOTDONE Authentication not complete  
HULA_BADPARAM Invalid parameter supplied  
HULA_TRYAGAIN Transient failure -- try authentication again  
HULA_BADMAC Message corrupted in transit  
HULA_BADSERV Server failed authentication  
HULA_WRONGMECH Mechanism doesn't support requested feature  
HULA_BADAUTH Authentication failed  
HULA_NOAUTHZ Not authorized to login asspecified user  
HULA_TOOWEAK A stonger authentication mechanism is required  
HULA_ENCRYPT Encryption required  
HULA_TRANS A transition is needed to use the specified mechanism  
HULA_EXPIRED Password expired  
HULA_DISABLED Account disabled Roughly speaking, a domain status of "disabled" or user status of "disabled". (More precisely, a domain status or user status that is not specially handled in another way: so for instance unrecognized status values also result in this error.)
HULA_NOUSER User not found  
HULA_PWLOCK Password locked  
HULA_NOCHANGE No change was made  
HULA_NOTINIT SASL library not initialized  
HULA_UNAVAIL Service temporarily unavailable Can't connect, or have trouble communicating with, the authentication server (e.g., LDAP server).
HULA_NOVERIFY Missing server authentication entry for user  
HULA_WEAKPASS Password fails site security policy, try another  
HULA_NOUSERPASS User supplied password not permitted  
HULA_INPROGRESS Operation in progress  
HULA_SVRACCESS Access control filter on server forbids connection  
HULA_DOMACCESS Access control filter on domain forbids connection  
HULA_USERACCESS Access control filter on user forbids connection  

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