Authrewrite_extra_headers MTA Option

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Additional fields in AUTH_REWRITE probe (authrewrite_extra_headers)

New in MS The authrewrite_extra_headers MTA option provides the means to include the content of additional header fields in AUTH_REWRITE mapping probes. The value consists of a space-separated list of header field names. Each field name specified creates an additional AUTH_REWRITE string argument at the end of the AUTH_REWRITE mapping probe, separated by vertical bars. If one or more of the specified field is present in the message header the value of the first such field will be included in the probe. Note that the separators are always present regardless of whether or not the associated field is part of the message.

All of the header field names must be known to the MTA; an error will be signalled if an unknown field name is specified. A colon, if specified at the end of a field name, will be ignored.

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