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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: BANNER_ADDITION (string)

This SMTP/LMTP server option adds the specified string to the SMTP/LMTP banner line. If the length of this addition string plus the MTA's regular banner line string (as constructed normally by the MTA---see in particular the CUSTOM_VERSION_STRING TCP/IP-channel-specific option) would be more than 80 characters, then the additional text will be put on a continuation line as part of a multi-line banner response, rather than being included on the initial 220 line. If the vertical bar character or "pipe" character, |, is included in the BANNER_ADDITION string, it is interpreted as a request for a line break; the MTA's regular banner line will be output as the first line of a multi-line banner response, and then each vertical bar separated portion of the string (including the very first, even if it is "short"), will be output on its own, separate line.

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