BUFFER_SIZE TCPIP-channel-specific option

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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: BUFFER_SIZE (integer)

(New in MS 6.3.) The BUFFER_SIZE option is available for the LMTP server only. It sets the buffer size for the LMTP server to do in-memory buffering of incoming messages, overriding the default 1,000,000 bytes. Thus this LMTP server option is analogous to the max_internal_blocks MTA option which controls similar buffering for components other than the LMTP server (and has no relationship to the MTA option with a similar name buffer_size but a completely different meaning).

Messaging exceeding the limit will be written to a temporary file and the temporary file will then be mapped into memory.

In unified configuration the option can be set as follows:

msconfig> set channel:tcp_lmtpss.options.buffer_size 1000000

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