Betheuser Option

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Deleted in release: 7.0.5

This specifies the Unix user ID that will be used as the owner of the MMP's AService process (the process group owner will be the primary group of that user). This is deprecated in favor of the user option in restricted.cnf which will be used preferentially. If this is not set and restricted.cnf is not present, the MMP will attempt to use the imta_user option from imta_tailor instead. For the 7.0.5 release, the MMP will attempt to use local.serveruid before checking imta_tailor. The value of this option must match the values of the imta_user and local.serveruid options.

Note that this option is not migrated into the Unified configuration, but is checked to ensure that it is the same as the user option in restricted.cnf.

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