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As the name itself suggests, the bitbucket channel simply deletes any message enqueued to it. Indeed, messages that match the bitbucket channel are instantly deleted, without even being written to a bitbucket disk area. (In particular, note that no IMTA_QUEUE:bitbucket/* (or equivalently $DATAROOT/queue/bitbucket/*) message files are created---a message is simply discarded immediately once the MTA sees that it matches the bitbucket channel. However, if logging is enabled then the MTA does write MTA transaction log entries for the bitbucket channel as if it actually ran, for monitoring/statistics purposes. (Note that the bitbucket channel "D" supposed "dequeue" record is in fact written by the enqueueing process at the same time as it writes its "E" supposed "enqueue" record: note the identical time stamps and, if the MTA option log_process=1 is set, the identical process id corresponding to the enqueuing process.)

Note that Sieve filter "discard" and "jettison" actions are, depending upon the setting of the filter_discard and filter_jettison MTA options, potential sources of purported "enqueues" to the bitbucket channel, as are matches of an attempted poster's envelope From address to the value of an mgrpJettisonDomain or mgrpJettisonBroadcasters LDAP attribute (more precisely to the value of whatever LDAP attributes are named by the ldap_jettison_domain or ldap_jettison_url MTA options), as well as *_ACCESS mapping table $V, $v, $Z, or $z flag effects.

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