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When using Brightmail (and running it on a separate, remote system), a spamfilterN_config_file MTA option might be set as

msconfig> set mta.spamfilter1_config_file /opt/mailwail/config.remote

For Brightmail, the file that this option names may contain an extensive list of option settings. Listed below in Some Brightmail configuration file options are some especially relevant valid options, but for a full list of valid options, consult Brightmail documentation. Brightmail configuration file option names are not case-sensitive. However, the values (right hand sides) are potentially case-sensitive. The Brightmail configuration file uses LDIF format; in particular, options are specified as

option-name: option-value
Some Brightmail configuration file options
Option name Meaning Typical setting for MTA use
blSWPrecedence A message may receive multiple forms of processing hence multiple verdicts; for instance, receive verdicts of both spam and virus. This option specifies the order in which verdicts are processed for messages with multiple verdicts. Verdicts should be separated with the hyphen character, -. A verdict appearing first (left-most) in the hyphen-separated list will be processed before a verdict appearing next (to the right), etc.. Supported verdicts are virus and spam. Brightmail recommends that virus verdicts be processed first. blSWPrecedence: virus-spam
blSWClientDestinationDefault This option specifies how to handle messages that have no verdict (for instance, that are not gray or virus and hence do not require additional filtering). Usually such messages should simply be delivered normally, that is, to the user's usual inbox. The value inbox has this meaning, and hence is usually the recommended setting. blSWClientDestinationDefault: inbox
blSWLocalDomain Occurrences of this option specify which domain(s) are considered local, hence which domains get the handling specified by blSWClientDestinationLocal options (as opposed to handling specified by blSWClientDestinationForeign options).


This option specifies verdict-name|destination-data pairs for recipients in a local domain (a domain specified by a blSWLocalDomain option). (blSWClientDestinationForeign options control the handling for recipients in any other domains). That is, a setting of this option controls what verdict string (destination-data) is passed to the MTA corresponding to a particular Brightmail verdict. The MTA is normally configured (via a spamfilterN_null_action=data,discard; MTA option setting) to consider a null destination-data value to be a request to discard the message. And since the MTA's default action, given a non-null verdict (non-null destination-data), is to file to a folder of the same name as the verdict (destination-data), due to the default:

spamfilterN_string_action=data:,require "fileinto"; fileinto "$U";

This typically but not necessarily amounts to verdict-name|folder-name pairs, with a null (empty) folder-name meaning to discard the message. But more precisely, it truly consists of Brightmail-verdict-name|MTA-verdict-string pairs, where the MTA-verdict-string can be specified in an MTA option of the form spamfilterN_verdict_M=MTA-verdict-string to correspond to an action specified in a spamfilterN_action_m option, and with a null MTA-verdict-string being handled in accordance with the MTA's corresponding spamfilterN_null_action option. Supported verdict-name values include spam and virus.

The default settings are:


which by default has the effect that messages that Brightmail considers to be virus will be discarded while messages that Brightmail considers to be spam will be filed to a recipient's "junkmail" folder.

blSWClientDestinationForeign Analogous in syntax and meaning to blSWClientDestinationLocal settings above, but applying to recipients who are not in one of the blSWLocalDomain domains.  
blSWClientOptin This option specifies the handling of opt-in decisions by the Brightmail Client, and for use with the MTA must be set to TRUE. blSWClientOptin: TRUE
blswcServerAddress This option specifies the IP address(es) and port(s) of one or more Brightmail servers. The syntax is ip:port[,ip:port,...]

blswcServerAddress: ip:port


blCommonDebugFilename This option specifies the location of Brightmail's own debug log file. It can be set to any of syslog or syslog|syslog-facility (the default when logging to syslog if the facility is not set is mail), stderr, or a path-to-filename.



This option enables Brightmail's own debugging. The value is a comma-separated list of pairs of values. The first subvalue in each pair is either a positive integer (specifying a section of Brightmail code - use reserved for Brightmail) or the keyword ALL, meaning that all Brightmail code is debugged. The second value in each pair is an integer between 0 and 7, specifying the severity of the error as defined in syslog.

Brightmail recommends that for problem situations, this option be set to ALL,6. And Brightmail recommends that after solving the difficulty, that the option be set back to ALL,4.

 blCommonDebugLevel: ALL,4






Material in this table is taken from the Brightmail Solution Suite 4.0 for iPlanet Messaging Server manual. While presented again here for convenience, that manual should be considered the definitive source for Brightmail documentation.

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