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Update the Job Controller's in-memory cache of message files in the queues so as to reflect all messages currently present in the message queues.


  imsimta cache -synchronize

imsimta cache -synchronize Command Switches
Switch Default
-debug=n -nodebug
-recipient -recipient




The imsimta cache -synchronize utility tells the MTA Job Controller to re-scan the queue disk area, DATAROOT/queue/* on UNIX, checking for any (non-.HELD) message files not already present in the Job Controller's in-memory queue cache of message files.


-debug=n, -nodebug (default)

The -debug switch may be cause debugging of the cache synchronization. The default is -⁠nodebug. Specifying -debug is equivalent to -debug=1.

-recipient (default), -norecipient

-recipient, which is the default, causes the cache synchronization to actually open message files to obtain full message details; this is slower than the "basic" operation (which can be selected with -norecipient), but gets more detailed message information.


To synchronize the queue cache, for instance after renaming a message file, issue the UNIX command

# imsimta cache -synchronize

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