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View the current entries for a channel in the MTA queue cache database.


  imsimta cache -view [channel-name]


Must have superuser privileges or be logged in as the MTA user (see the user option in restricted.cnf) in order to use this utility.



Optional parameter specifying the name of the channel for which to show entries. If no channel name is specified, all entries in the queue cache database will be shown.


The imsimta cache -view utility shows the current entries in the MTA queue cache database for a channel.


This example shows checking the queue cache database for entries for the ims-ms channel and finding one such entry:

# imsimta cache -view ims-ms
                 channel : ims-ms 
               file name : /opt/sun/comms/messaging64/data/queue/ims-ms/010/ZYi041V0jMRS0.00 
            subdirectory : 10 
            enqueue time : 21-Sep-2015:10:51:36.00 
   last delivery attempt : 21-Sep-2015:10:52:15.00 
     processing priority : 3 
      destination system :  ims-ms 
         recipient count : 1 
            message size : 1 (kbyte) 
                   owner : 
         expiration date : 18-Jan-2038:19:14:07.00 
                due date : No due date recorded 

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