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How do I change the IP address in a Messaging Server configuration?

By default, Messaging Server binds/listens to all IP addresses. When you change the IP address at the server level, Messaging Server should still operate fine.

Many of the relevant options controlling bind/listen address(es) from legacy configuration (e.g., service.listenaddr, local.snmp.listenaddr, metermaid.config.listenaddr, the INTERFACE_ADDRESS option from job_controller.cnf, and the INTERFACE_ADDRESS option from dispatcher.cnf, etc.) have been consolidated in Unified Configuration into the options listenaddr (when only a single setting is allowed) and listen_addresses (when multiple values are allowed). See also the MTA's INTERNAL_IP mapping table and (for outgoing SMTP connections) the interfaceaddress channel option.

These are in addition to any other places where a customization has been introduced into the configuration.

Changing these values will require you to run imsimta cnbuild (if you have a compiled configuration) followed by a Messaging Server restart.

If you have run the ha_ip_config command to bind Messaging Server to a specfic IP address (that is, if you are using Messaging Server in an HA Cluster environment), you need to re-run ha_ip_config to change the IP address to the new value.

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