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The channel_class group (under job_controller) is not a Job Controller option itself, but rather a grouping of Job Controller options defining a particular named Job Controller channel, or class of channels having a certain name pattern. For instance:

msconfig> show channel_class:ims-ms*
role.job_controller.channel_class:ims-ms*.master_command = IMTA_BIN:ims_master
role.job_controller.channel_class:ims-ms*.max_life_askwork = 20000
role.job_controller.channel_class:ims-ms*.max_life_time = 14400

This defines the class of channels whose names begin ims-ms. Such channels have a master program (named ims_master), and have max_life_askwork and max_life_time options set to force delivery jobs for such channels to "time out" after certain work and time limits, so that a new, fresh delivery job will be created (as necessary) by the Job Controller.

See Job Controller operation for further discussion of how the Job Controller tracks messages and initiates channel jobs that run channel programs, see Job Controller default configuration for several examples of channel definitions, see Available channels for a list of the normal channels supplied with the MTA, and see the imsimta cache -change utility for how to inform an already running Job Controller process of a new channel_class "on the fly".

The other type of grouping of Job Controller options is under the job_pool group, used to set parameters on Job Controller processing pools.

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