Checking that the Job Controller is running

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You may check that the Job Controller is running with the command imsimta process. On UNIX, you should see output similar to that shown below, perhaps with additional jobs present if your system is currently processing messages.

# imsimta process
 mailsrv 12435 S 32936 9672 13:54:01        0:00 /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/job_controller
 mailsrv 12433 S 32480 8936 13:54:01        0:00 /opt/SUNWmsgsr/lib/dispatcher

Normally, the Watcher is configured to check periodically that the Job Controller is running (and start a new Job Controller, if there is none present).

The Job Controller log file, job_controller.log-uniqueid, may be inspected to check for any Job Controller error messages. Note that, unless Job Controller debugging has been enabled, the Job Controller only writes to its log file if it encounters an error condition; that is, the Job Controller log file will be empty under normal, no-errors, no-debugging-enabled, conditions.

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