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Clone messages to alternate destination (clonehosts)

(New in MS 8.0) A commonly requested capability is to "clone" all messages that meet some criteria and send them to an alternate destination. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including the Sieve "capture" action, the MESSAGE-SAVE-COPY mapping, the FORWARD mapping, and various sorts of address rewriting tricks, and all of these mechanisms have different characteristics as well as different advantages and disadvantages.

In the specific case when the desire is to clone all messages sent to a particular channel to another channel while preserving the initial address that expanded to that channel, none of the previously mentioned methods provide that specific result. (A capture action in a destination channel Sieve script can capture the message, but not the initial address. MESSAGE-SAVE-COPY has similar limitations and also requires playing queue management games.)

The clonehosts channel option provides this result. It accepts a single argument: A space-separated list of host names. When given a clonehosts setting of "host1 host2 host3" and a message sent to the addresses initial1 and initial2, both of which expanded to one or more final recipient addresses destined to that channel, this setting will add the recipient addresses:


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