Configutil parameters and cnbuild

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In legacy configurations, most MTA configuration information is maintained in various MTA-specific configuration files, including but not limited to imta.cnf, option.dat, and mappings. However, the MTA also uses some configutil parameters. These parameters are stored in the compiled configuration created by imsimta cnbuild. It follows that when a compiled configuration is used (as is normally the case) a cnbuild is needed before the MTA will "see" changes in these parameters.

Most configutil settings consumed by the MTA have separate MTA options that can be used to override the configutil setting for the MTA only. The complete list of the configutil settings used by the MTA and their corresponding MTA options is:

configutil settings consumed by the MTA
Configutil parameter Overriding MTA option
local.ugldaphost LDAP_HOST
local.ugldapport LDAP_PORT
local.ugldapbinddn LDAP_USERNAME
local.ugldapbindcred LDAP_PASSWORD
local.ugldapbasedn LDAP_USER_ROOT
local.ugldapusessl (none)
local.imta.schematag LDAP_SCHEMATAG
local.imta.mailaliases LDAP_MAIL_ALIASES
local.hostname LDAP_LOCAL_HOST
local.imta.hostnamealiases LDAP_HOST_ALIAS_LIST
local.instancedir (none)
service.defaultdomain LDAP_DEFAULT_DOMAIN
service.dcroot LDAP_DOMAIN_ROOT
service.imta.ldappoolsize (none)
local.service.pab.ldaphost LDAP_PAB_HOST
local.service.pab.ldapport LDAP_PAB_PORT
local.service.pab.ldapbinddn LDAP_PAB_USERNAME
local.service.pab.ldappasswd LDAP_PAB_PASSWORD

Again, if you change any of those AND you are using a compiled config, then the change in configutil will not be seen by the MTA until you issue the "imsimta cnbuild" command.