Conversion entry mapping table callouts

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The value for a conversion parameter may be obtained by calling out to a mapping table. The syntax for calling out to a mapping table is


For instance, with a mapping table

   postscript            PS.PS$Y 
   wordperfect5.1        WPC.WPC$Y 
   msword                DOC.DOC$Y 

then on UNIX, a conversion entry such as the following results in substituting generic file names in place of specific file names on attachments.

out-chan=tcp_local; in-type=application; in-subtype=*; 
  in-parameter-name-0=name; in-parameter-value-0=/*/*; 
  out-type=application; out-subtype='INPUT-SUBTYPE'; 
  command="cp $INPUT_FILE $OUTPUT_FILE" 

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