Conversion script exit statuses

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The exit status returned by a conversion script (returned via the STATUS option in the OUTPUT_OPTIONS file on UNIX) can be used to tell the conversion channel to take one of a variety of actions. The conversion status values are defined in the file SERVERROOT/include/pmdf_err.h; see that file for the definitive numeric values of the status codes. Available status names, numeric values (as of this writing---but see the pmdf_err.h file for definitive values), and their meaning, are shown in Conversion exit status.

Conversion exit statuses
Name Value Effect
PMDF__FORCERETURN 0x0A9C857A Force return (bounce) of original message
PMDF__FORCERETURN+1 0x0A9C857B Force return (bounce) of message, including only a sample (lines_to_return MTA option) of the original message, or a sample (lines_to_return) of whatever contents you specify in OUTPUT_FILE
PMDF__FORCEPOST 0x0A9C8612 Force message to be redirected to the postmaster (instead of going to the original recipient(s))
PMDF__FORCEASIS 0x0A9C8632 Force message to continue on unchanged
PMDF__FORCEDELETE 0x0A9C8662 Force deletion of this part (the currently being processed part) of the message
PMDF__FORCEHOLD 0xA9C86AA Force message to be sidelined as a .HELD message file
PMDF__FORCEDISCARD 0x0A9C86B3 Force discard of entire message
PMDF__FORCEJETTISON 0x0A9C86E3 Force message to be jettisoned (non-overridable discard)

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