Convertoctetstream, noconvertoctetstream Channel Options

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One or more of the options discussed on this page are restricted. Restricted options are not intended for general use and if set may cause severe operational problems. If you believe you need to set a restricted option you should first check with Oracle support.

Conversion of application/octet-stream material (convertoctetstream, noconvertoctetstream)

MIME provides a general-purpose type for exchange of pure untyped binary data. Such data may or may not be usable in any given circumstance; no other information about the data is available. Various MTA channels provide mechanisms for dealing with such data that may or may not be appropriate. The convertoctetstream and noconvertoctetstream options control these mechanisms; if the former is specified on a source channel conversions are performed and if the latter is specified no conversions are performed. The latter option is the default for all channels.

convertoctetstreamis not relevant for any currently available Oracle Messaging Server channels.

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