Counters -clear utility

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Clear the in-memory cache of channel counters.


  imsimta counters -clear 


The process must have the same UID as either the root or the MTA user (user option in restricted.cnf) accounts.




To zero the in-memory channel counters, issue an imsimta counters -clear command.

The imsimta counters -clear command will create a new memory section, if one does not already exist. The values in the in-memory section will be set to zero, and then the stored messages, recipients, and volumes fields will be set from the values currently in the MTA queue cache database.

Since some initial values will be set based on entries in the MTA queue cache database, you may wish to issue the UNIX command

# imsimta cache -synchronize

before clearing the counters, to ensure that the MTA queue cache database entries are current.

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