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Display the contents of the in-memory cache of channel counters.


  imsimta counters -show 

imsimta counters -show Command Switches
Switch Default
-associations -associations
-channels[=channel-name] -channels
-debug -nodebug
-format=n -format=0
-headers -headers
-output=file-spec None


On UNIX, normally none, but if a new in-memory section must be created then privileges sufficient to create such a section are required.


The contents of the in-memory cache of channel counters may be displayed with the imsimta counters -show command.

A new in-memory section will be created if one does not already exist. Note that if a new in-memory section must be created, the initial values for the number of messages stored, number of recipients, and message volumes will be set based on the entries in the MTA queue cache database.

See MTA counters, especially the discussion of the Purpose and design of MTA counters.


-associations (default), -noassociations

The -associations switch specifies whether to show the in-memory cache of association counters.

-channels[=channel-name] (default), -nochannels

The -channels switch specifies whether to show the in-memory cache of channel counters. By default, counters for all channels are shown; specifying an argument to the -channels specifies a specific channel for which to show counters.

-debug, -nodebug (default)

The -debug qualifer enables debugging.

-headers (default), -noheaders

Controls whether or not a header line describing each column in the table of counters is output.


Direct the output to the specified file. By default the output appears on your display.


This example shows displaying the counters for all channels and associations.

# imsimta counters -show
Channel                     Messages  Recipients      Blocks 
------------------------  ----------  ----------  ---------- 
    Received                    3863        3881       25786 
    Stored                        89          89         460 
    Delivered                   3876        3894       26018 (3859 first time) 
    Submitted                      1           1           7 
    Attempted                     17          17          25 
    Rejected                       0           0           0 
    Failed                         1           1           6 
    Queue time/count        29794837/3877 = 7.68502E3 
    Queue first time/count  18904343/3860 = 4.8975E3 
    Received                     208         217        4153 
    Stored                         3           3           9 
    Delivered                    200         212        2461 (197 first time) 
    Submitted                   4053        4078       25919 
    Attempted                      7           7           0 
    Rejected                      46          68           0 
    Failed                        14          14        1695 
    Queue time/count        1106266/211 = 5.24297E3 
    Queue first time/count  455897/208 = 2.19181E3 
    Current In Assocs            127 
    Total In Assocs             1056 
    Total Out Assocs             132 
    Rejected Out Assocs           11 
    Failed Out Assocs              1 
Channel      Timestamp    Association 
------------ ------------ ------------------------------------------------- 
tcp_local    01-
Feb 00:27 TCP||25||3465 
tcp_local    25-Jan 00:31 TCP||25||3496 
tcp_local    26-Jan 14:50 TCP||25||2086 
tcp_local    05-Feb 12:23 TCP||25||3593 
tcp_local    01-Feb 00:34 TCP||25||3581 

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