Customizing DSNs via the return files

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Customizing DSNs via the return_*.* files

When the MTA needs to construct a notification message, the MTA will consult the NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE mapping table to find a language-appropriate set of return_*.* files. The MTA will then use that set of return_*.* files to construct the notification message. The return_header.opt file and (optional) return_option.opt file are modifier files, potentially affecting the spectrum of notification messages. The return_*.txt files, in contrast, are template files for the different types of notification messages. Each such return_*.txt file is used nearly verbatim for its particular type(s) of notification messages, with possible substitutions as specified via % substitutions. (The notary_quote MTA option controls this meaning of the percent character, %, in notification message template files.) Note that in order to specify inserting a literal percent character in a return_*.txt file, the percent character must itself be quoted with another percent character, %%.

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