Customizing MDNs via the disposition files

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Customizing MDNs via the disposition_*.* files

When the MTA needs to construct an MDN, the MTA will consult the DISPOSITION_LANGUAGE mapping table to find a language-appropriate set of disposition_*.* files, and optionally some override files and values. The MTA will then use that set of disposition_*.* files, plus as relevant the return_option.opt and return_header.opt files discussed in Customizing DSNs via the return files, to construct the MDN.

The return_option.opt file, return_header.opt file, and (optional) disposition_option.opt files are modifier files, potentially affecting the spectrum of MDN messages. The disposition_*.txt files, in contrast, are template files for the different types of MDNs. The disposition_prefix.txt and disposition_suffix.txt template files are used to "wrap" the MDN-type-specific text; each such disposition_mdn-type.txt file is used nearly verbatim for its particular type(s) of MDN, with possible substitutions as specified via % substitutions (defined from return_option.opt). (The notary_quote MTA option controls this meaning of the percent character, %, in MDN template files.) Note that in order to specify inserting a literal percent character in a disposition_*.txt file, the percent character must itself be quoted with another percent character, %%. For the %H substitution typically used in the disposition_prefix.txt file (to insert header lines from the original message into the generated MDN), note that any decoding and/or character set conversion of any MIME-encoded, non-US-ASCII material in those original header lines is controlled by the notary_decode MTA option.

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